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We've rounded up some recent ARPU feature releases (all included in the latest version of ARPU) that you can use to improve your upcoming shipment notification emails.

Expect more news delivered to your inbox as we continue to release features and make improvements.

Feature Highlight

Prepaid Subscription Notifications

Send upcoming shipment notifications to subscribers with prepaid subscriptions. Reach out if you'd like this enabled for your account.

Coming Soon

These features are currently in development:

Add New Subscription

You'll be able to upsell subscriptions, allowing your subscribers the option to add a subscription product in addition to purchasing 1-time products on the ARPU checkout page.

Variant Swaps

Subscribers will be able to swap for different variants from their upcoming shipment notification email.

Interested in testing one of these features? Let us know.

Recent Feature Releases

Ship Now and Skip

Include a dedicated "Ship Now" or "Skip" button in the Delay Block of your upcoming shipment notification emails, making it easier for your subscribers to control their subscription.

Subscription Selling Tips

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As always, I'm happy to help if you have questions or need help setting anything up in your ARPU account.

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