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We're counting down to Q4. Are you?

Things you can do to prepare:

  1. Upsell gifts directly from your upcoming charge notifications to increase AOV and brand awareness with the Gift Block.
  2. Get your ARPU account in gear for the holidays so everything's all set for the busy season.
  3. Create some custom campaigns for subscribers with high LTVs (using Shopify Tags) to reward them for their loyalty.
  4. Upsell subscriptions in your upcoming shipment emails.
  5. Offer swaps that let subscribers try new variants.

Let's dive right in.

Feature Highlight

How to Use the Gift Block to Increase AOV and Attract New Customers this Holiday Season

đź’ˇ Ideas to try:

  1. Offer products that are a good introduction to your brand so that when subscribers give them as gifts, it will increase the chance of converting gift recipients into customers / subscribers.
  2. Try using larger discounts or making an item free if purchased as a gift. Think of it as a subscriber perk and new customer acquisition strategy combo. If you don't want to offer this to your entire subscriber base, you can use Shopify tags in ARPU to send them to a segment of subscribers, like those with extra high LTVs.

Coming Soon

Improved Analytics

Be on the lookout for a series of analytics improvements in your ARPU dashboard. Up first, a new way to visualize your email performance metrics (consider the graph above a sneak peek).

Recent Feature Releases

Variant Swaps

Let subscribers swap variants from their upcoming shipment notification. Reach out if you'd like this enabled for your account.

Subscription Upsells

You can now upsell subscriptions! Give subscribers the option to add a subscription product in addition to purchasing 1-time products on the ARPU checkout page.

Reach out if you'd like this enabled for your account.

Subscription Selling Tips

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