What’s New?

Better Performance Visibility: ARPU Reports

The Reports Page in your ARPU account delivers new information, new ways to look at that information (hello, date filtering!), and a new look.

This is the first release of a series of analytics updates that will allow you to dive deeper into your performance data to see what's working in your upcoming charge notifications.

Feature Highlight

What's New in Reports?

The new Reports Page provides an updated look at your email performance metrics.

Here's what's new:

🕰️ New all-time metrics (top of the page)

  • Total Revenue
  • Upsell ROI
  • Delay Retention Rate

📅 New filters

  • Filter your analytics report by any date or time period

📈 Analytics graph (shows metrics changes over time)

  • Revenue
  • Emails sent
  • Revenue / email
  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Conversion rate

Check out your stats by clicking Reports in the sidebar of your ARPU account.

And, hey, it's new, so if you see something, say something. We've added a way for you to give feedback right on the new page and would love to hear from you.

Coming Soon

Future Analytics Improvements

In the coming weeks, you'll be able to see even more granular data, including:

  • Campaign performance analytics
  • Upsell performance by product (most upsold; revenue per product)
  • Delay data (most / least delayed products)

Stay tuned. We'll let you know when they're ready.

Recent Feature Releases

Gorgias Integration

We're accepting requests for early access to our new Gorgias integration. With this integration, you can manually generate responses with optimized flows like the ARPU upsell and delay paths, or automate them based on keywords.

Interested? Reach out to request early access.

Gift Block

Let subscribers buy gifts for friends right from your upcoming charge notifications.

Learn how to set up the Gift Block by reading this help doc or watching this tutorial video.

Variant Swaps

Let subscribers swap variants from their upcoming shipment notification. Reach out if you'd like this enabled for your account.

Subscription Upsells

Give subscribers the option to add a subscription product in addition to purchasing 1-time products on the ARPU checkout page.

Reach out if you'd like this enabled for your account.

Prepaid Subscription Notifications

Send upcoming shipment notifications to subscribers with prepaid subscriptions. Reach out if you'd like this enabled for your account.

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Subscription Selling Tips

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